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      Site News
      ES3092Y Android 5.1 OS Car GPS Video

      - ISO 2Din universal unit, 7 Inch super wide Screen
      - Google Android 5.1 Operation System, Beautiful and fashionable UI Unique Design
      - Five-Point Touch Capacitive Screen, 1024*600 HD Digital Screen---The Resolution is just like your iPad
      - Quad-Core x86 1160MHz CPU, 2GB RAM, 11.81GB Internal Memory
      - Support extended GPS Card and 3 USB Stick up to 4*32GB
      - Built-In Clock and Calendar, Clock/Date/Week/Time Zone adjustable, can use GPS or network-provided time
      - Music/Radio/BT-Stereo Player and Clock/Date/Week can be displayed on Main Menu Status Bar
      - Multi-Languages: it has more than 70 languages to select, just check it in our pictures
      - 8 Panel light colors, and you can setup hundreds of colors via RGB Combination
      - 5 live wallpapers, 17 wallpapers, support DIY User's wallpaper from Gallery Pictures
      - Built-in WiFi Modem, support 802.11b/g/n WLAN Standard, High Performance, Low Power Consumption
      - Built-in 3G Modem, just insert your SIM card to use 3G function. which support WCDMA Standard only.
      - Support Google Maps online Navigating, you can use GPS Navigating if you are in Internet
      - Support Android Maps Navigation, Free 8GB TF Card will be in parcel contents included
      - Support Android Multimedia Player, it can play Music/Movie/Photo from local Disc or USB/SD.
      - Online Entertainment, support online video, TV, movie, music, radio, Youtube, Yahoo, MSN
      - Online Communication, keep connected through WeChat, Twitter, Facebook, Gtalk, Gmail and other services
      - Support read and edit Official Software, WORD/EXCEL/POWERPOINT/PDF/TXT.
      - Support Google Play Store, you can download thousands of Apps from here and you can download many popular games
        like Fruit Ninja, Feed the Candy, Angry Birds, Fieldrunner, speed forge 3D... 
      - Support 3D Games, HD Video, 1080P, H.264, Divx Live images Formats
      - Support HD Videos up to 1920*1080 pixels, Photo up to 4096*4096 pixels
      - Support Bluetooth hands-free function, built-in microphone and external microphone Jack.
      - Support A2DP Bluetooth, can play stereo music through Bluetooth from your mobile Phone
      - Download phone book function, you can download contact information from your phone to this unit
      - Support the newest Phone Book Search, you can search & find a contact member in downloaded phone book,
        just input the first letter of name, you will find some associated names, then you can choose the right one
      - Support Torque Pro (OBD2 & Car), you can connect a ES350 Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner Tool to use this function.
      - Support the newest Mirror Link with iPhone via WiFi and with Android Smartphone via USB or WiFi
      - Radio Tuner with RDS, 30 Preset Radio Stations (FM: 3*6, AM: 2*6)
      - USB Port and Micro SD Slot, Support USB Stick and Memory Card up to 32GB
      - Built-in Car DVR System, just connect with a USB Camera to use Car Record function. the records will be saved 
        automatically in Nand Flash/GPS Card/USB Storage and you can play saved record on this unit directly.
      - Built-in DAB+ System, just connect a DAB/DAB+ Box with USB Port to use this function.
      - Support Digital TV Box input, Touch Control and Power supply
      - Support Rear View Camera input and reverse trigger Control
      - Support Steering Wheel Control, Hand Brake Control
      - Electronic Anti-Shock, Last Position Memory

      If you are interested in this product, please feel free to contact us: wholesale@erisin.com to place an order

      Best regards
      Erisin Wholesale December
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